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Kendall Antonelli

Real, entrepreneurial, and undeniably fun, Kendall Antonelli uses the power of vulnerability and authentic experience to unlock meaning in businessand life.

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About Kendall

About Kendall

Kendall Antonelli owns and operates Austin business Antonelli’s Cheese Shop alongside her husband, John. As co-founder and co-owner, Kendall has worn many hats, specializing in building an internationally-recognized brand, generating buzz, and creating a customer fan base that feels intimately part of their story.

Combining her mission-driven nonprofit background and philanthropic service with entrepreneurship and small business hustle, Kendall speaks of “Passion with Purpose” at the heart of all they do and in creating a life where the professional and the personal intersect in a way that brings success and joy.

Described as “real, raw, and relatable,” Kendall’s power comes from her vulnerability. She interweaves stories of work, family life, mental health challenges, and perceived flaws in a way that celebrates all of life’s moments as part of the journey. At heart, Kendall is an entertainer, bringing her full self and unique perspective and experiences into everything she does, whether it’s a keynote speech or a food tour through Austin. 

Kendall uses her degrees in culture and politics, human rights and conflict resolution, and nonprofit management to empathize with people and create intimate and meaningful connections—whether with an audience or at a table. Kendall is also a Certified Cheese Professional, which comes in handy when trying to impress the palates of her two kiddos Everett and Elia and find the perfect cheese that makes them do a happy dance.

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Whether you need a keynote motivational speaker, a food tasting guide, or just a brain to pick about your next business idea, Kendall Antonelli has the skills, network, and personality to provide everything you and your business need.

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2 is Better Than 1

2 is Better Than 1

While Kendall and her husband John are great on their own, anyone who knows them will tell you that spending time with both Antonellis is a totally different experience. Kendall and John go together like, well, a couple—one that has spent a great deal of time taking risks, succeeding, failing, and laughing together, as well as learning to play off of each other’s greatest strengths and weaknesses. 

As perfect complements to one another, Kendall and John are more than the sum of their parts. John offers expertise in business planning and logistics, while Kendall can teach you how to bootstrap your marketing to create buzz and get others talking about you. John’s got the numbers, while Kendall’s got the words. Bringing the Antonellis together allows you to reach even more of your audience as they bring their individual perspectives into one dynamic whole.

With both Kendall and John, you can craft a unique event drawing on all of their talents. Their varied experiences and backgrounds allow them to engage effectively with businesses, philanthropic organizations, and small groups alike. An event with the Antonellis might include a marketing workshop in the morning with Kendall, followed by a cheese tasting with the Antonellis, and then a business development workshop with John in the afternoon. How you choose to use their expertise is entirely up to you!

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“Woman of Influence”
“Spreading Joy Through Cheese”
“Bold, Brave, & Determined”

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